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Facebook takes another step towards trying to win the video domain war with the current king, YouTube.
This time Facebook has released the real-time video broadcast, similar to Google/Youtube Hangouts. Facebook live video stream is a feature that allows any user to broadcast “live” and in real time within the Facebook platform and without the need to use other external applications.


This feature had already been released in several countries and was recently released.
One of the great advantages is undoubtedly the increased approximation between broadcasters and the audience that this feature confers, just as we could do so far with Google Hangouts.

The dynamics that are achieved in this type of events is enormous and the (almost) infinite possibilities allowing to further increase the possibility of capturing leads and business within Facebook.

Here are 7 tips from facebook itself for better use of Facebook Live:

  1. Notify in advance when you will start issuing
  2. Try to ensure a good internet connection so that the emission does not suffer from failures
  3. Write a good description of the event so that it attracts more attention from your audience
  4. Ask anyone who’s watching your video to follow you to improve interactions
  5. Answer people by name and greet them.
  6. Create broadcasts with some duration to capture a larger audience.
  7. Get creative and build emissions often

Here’s how to install and set up a Facebook Live event.

Have you used it? What’s the evaluation?

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