Web Marketing PT is an open space for sharing and discussing the various topics that the blog addresses.

The goal is that it is not just one person giving their opinion, but several sharing and enriching with the opinions of others.

However, and like any space that is intended to be quality and pleasant for those who visit it, there are some basic rules that are necessary to implement and comply with with regard to the publication of comments in the articles.

Rules on comment posting

  1. Advertising is not permitted in comments in any form. If you want to advertise something, there are ways of your own. See the advertising page.
  2. The use of inappropriate language is not permitted.
  3. All commentators must show mutual respect and respect for the opinions of others, even if divergent.
  4. Links are not allowed in comments, except when they are related to the comment itself. Comments with out-of-context links are seen as SPAM and are covered by the next point.
  5. SPAM is not allowed in comments.

In case of non-compliance with any or some of the rules published here, depending on the cases, the interveners may be notified once, or automatically banned.

Authors of purely advertising or SPAM comments are banned without any notice and their comments deleted.

Any other situation that is not planned here, I reserve the right to act as I deem most appropriate, in order to maintain a healthy environment on the blog.

Your comments are always welcome, as long as you respect these simple rules.

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