What is Web Marketing PT?

Web Marketing PT is a blog whose essence is based on topics such as Digital Marketing, SEO, Website and Business Monetization, Personal and Professional Success, Productivity and Marketing in general, and its main objective is the dissemination of relevant information that can easily be used, both by a manager and by a beginner to improve its results in the use of the Internet as a business channel.

The information that is published in Web Marketing PT is intended for entrepreneurs, business managers, websites or businesses, small businesses, small and medium enterprises, marketeers, bloggers, liberal professionals, webmasters, as well as all those who are interested in increasing their knowledge on the topics covered.


The staff of Web Marketing PT is composed of 2 “digital junkies”: João Rodrigues, author and mentor of the project, and Miguel Nascimento, author and collaborator.

Meet them here!

John Rodriguez
João Rodrigues

My name is João Rodrigues and, although my initial academic background is Solicitor, all my experience and national and international training are in the area of Marketing and Digital Marketing, among them:

  • Google Analytics and Google Adwords by Google
  • Internet Marketing and SEO by WEB CEO
  • Social Media Marketing Certification by Hootsuite
  • Inbound Marketing by Hubspot
  • E-Commerce and Digital Marketing by Thrive Institute
  • Web Development by Galileo

plus the fact that it is a self-taught, which is equally important.

Web CEO Certified Google Analytics Qualified Individual Google Adwords Qualified Professional

In addition to working daily on topics related to the theme of this blog, I also develop projects in the area
Consulting in Digital Marketing and SEO, among others, in addition to the management of some national and international sites in various areas.

I also participate as speaker in Workshops, Seminars and Webinars, and Trainer of the various areas of Digital Marketing in various Institutes and Training Centers.

Personally, I am an accessible person, pragmatic and with a strong sense of community.
I value knowledge and experience, as well as its use, so that we are able to adapt and overcome the challenges that present ourselves.

We are the result of what we live and do!

Take advantage of Web Marketing PT for your benefit and your business, because the contents published here, are accessible, in order to enable anyone, even with little knowledge of the Internet, learn and implement techniques and strategies to improve their use of this channel with so much potential.

Comments, ideas or suggestions are always welcome!
To do this, use the contact form I make available here on the blog.

See you soon,
John Rodriguez

Miguel Nascimento

Miguel Nascimento

Hello, everyone!

My name is Miguel Nascimento and from now on I will be part, with great pleasure and pride, of the editorial line of Web Marketing PT.

I did my academic training at IPAM lisbon, in Marketing Management.
I was still a college student when I started my professional activity, being part of the Dep. Commercial and Marketing of a company that operates in the area of products and equipment for swimming pools, where I was for almost 10 years.

Since 2005 I have embraced several projects in the commercial and consulting area in Marketing. While relating knowledge in different sectors, I researched, studied and built bases that would allow me to gain knowledge in a matter never in depth in academic times, Web Marketing.

Here I will be from now on, with you, collaborating on a project that I greatly admire.

Miguel Nascimento


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