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With regard to the creation of websites, the evolution of the internet has put at our disposal several applications very useful for those who have no idea of html, css, etc. nor resources to pay a website developer for its creation.
These applications have gained a very significant expression because they have allowed many companies to put their website online without a significant investment at the beginning of the process.
One of these applications is the uKit site builder.
uKit is an application that allows you to easily and intuitively, a particular small business to create and put your website online without the need for considerable investment.
To get a more concrete idea of uKit, here are some of its main advantages.

Easy Use

One of the strengths of uKit is its ease of use.
Through a very easy-to-use interface and navigate with drag&drop functionality, the user can simply make changes to the layout of their site.
Without the complexity of having to mess with code, hosting account settings, FTP accesses, file transfer, etc., you can create and publish your site.
This is undoubtedly one of the (strongest) points of this application.

Totally in Portuguese

First of all and starting from the beginning, something helps a lot the less educated in foreign languages, namely in English, is the availability of the application in Portuguese (PT-BR).
In this way, it is even easier to understand and use.

Easy Integration with Social Networks

It is no longer a requirement that distinguishes some applications from others, because it is something practically mandatory, in the case of uKit, the integration with social networks is done in a very simple way, so as not to complicate its implementation.

Simple SEO Configurations

As you know, at least i have said it many times here on the blog, optimizing your site for search engines is something absolutely fundamental to the success of any project that does not live exclusively advertising. This aspect has also been taken into account and the platform allows basic optimization of sites, which is important.

Mobile Version

Now more than ever, those who are not mobile, are outdated and risk not getting their message, product or service to a percentage of users that grow from day to day who access the internet from mobile devices.
It was exactly to think about it that uKit makes available the mobile version of its website.

Virtual Store – E-commerce

As it could not fail to be, uKit allows the creation of virtual stores or e-commerce sites through integration with the Ecwid platform (ecwid.com). If i did not, there would be a considerable number of companies that would be left out, and as such it would not make any sense for this type of application.

Google Analytics Integration

Knowing that Google Analytics is one of the most widely used analytics and statistics applications, it makes perfect sense to allow for easy integration with uKit. This integration is simple and it is enough to place the Analytics code in the back office of the site to start seeing the statistics on the Google platform.

Very Affordable Price

All uKit perks are available for only $5 (USD) per month, which can go down more if you pay for the whole year. In that case it’s only $4/month. Payment can also be made by credit card or by PayPal, which is always handy because it is one of the most used forms of payment.


If you review yourself in some of the situations I’ve addressed behind you, take advantage of and create a website for your company and if you want to create your site without investing a lot of money, uKit is undoubtedly a very interesting option that is worth testing, because you can use the application in a test for 15 days without any charge.


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