Like previous years, Google has now revealed the most searched words in 2015, and in this list there are some questions that are still interesting. In addition to the usual celebrities, who are always part of the tops, the “Ques” and the “Whys” captured my attention 🙂


Not being an absolute novelty, it is an excellent source of information to help us better understand the predisposition of users when doing the various types of searches.

For those like me who are in the group of content producers or who resort to the production of content for the purpose of capturing traffic and / or customer loyalty, it is (more) a set of good tips if they are well used.

Without more here is the summary of the research for Portugal and Brazil in 2015. If you want to consult the complete lists just click on the respective links:

Most Searched Words in Portugal in 2015 (summary)



Complete Lists of Searches Portugal

Most Searched Words in Brazil in 2015 (abstract)



Complete Lists of Brazil Surveys

Enjoy and see here the video of Google with the year 2015 in review. Always interesting 🙂

Any surprises?

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