Whether it’s Marketeer, Webmaster or any other name you’d rather be called, there are apps that are absolutely mandatory, without which you’ll certainly be losing ground to the competition. That’s why I made a simple list, but ones that I really consider mandatory.
Without further ado here is the list:

– FileZilla


This is a free application that has a very simple purpose, to transfer files between your computer and your server. The result is obvious, we can easily make backups of our website or put a website online.
FileZilla is free and also available in Portuguese. You can get it here!



A CMS or Content Management System is nothing more than a content management system, as is the case with WordPress or Joomla.
These are applications that allow the creation of websites and the management of their content through an administration back-office.
I use for many years and recommend WordPress.
It’s free and you can get it here!
If you want you can see here a video on how to install WordPress in 5 minutes.

– Email Marketing


Immediately after having your website online or even while building it, you should implement email marketing software in order to start or continue to create your contact list.
This will allow you to considerably increase your audience, retain your customers or subscribers and increase your direct and indirect return.
I use E-goi and I am very satisfied because it allows me to do everything I need easily and without needing to realize code, which is an obstacle for many people.
You can get it for free here.

– Analytics Software


Of course we have to track the performance of our website and our online activities and for this nothing better than an Analytics application. The best known is undoubtedly Google Analytics.
There are more and some of them equally free, this being the most used. However its complexity has been increasing so many people start using other alternatives. About Google Analytics I’ll publish more content to help people who have less knowledge.

– Hoostuite


Of course, with so much activity in terms of social networks, we need an application that makes life easier for us with regard to the dissemination of our content on social networks in order to increase the reach of our message and the creation and maintenance of communities that share the same interests.
For this is the Hootsuite, a very simple application that allows us to publish the same content on several social networks at the same time.
Hootsuite has a free version that is perfectly the individual user and you can get it here.

– Evernote


Last but not last, Evernote, a very useful application that allows us to take screenshots/screenshots and add annotations, or simply create notes with all kinds of content we want.
It has a mobile app, which makes it even easier to share across multiple devices.
Notes can be grouped by categories or using tags/tags.
I use and recommend.
You can get Evernote for free here.


This is my election list, of course there are many other useful applications that can be added to this list. If you have an app you don’t need, share it with us and the other readers in the comments!
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